The first time I tried to create a printable I failed miserably... I had no clue how to set up files correctly, add bleed, how to do anything, to be honest. Worst of all, I created them in too low resolution... Talk about wanting to hide under a rock! I endlessly searched YouTube for solutions... Need I say more? 

I started from zero, we all do. I had no-one to guide me on my journey - just YouTube and endless hours of trial and error. 

After years of practice, I finally came out on the other end and opened my first printable shop. I created this class so that your journey doesn't end up as bumpy and rough as mine. 

This class is aimed at beginners new to the world of digital design. In this class, you will learn how to create high-quality printables with confidence and ease. You'll be amazed how easy it is when you know what to do! 

By the end of the class, you will design high-quality printables perfect for your shop, as gifts, or craft projects! Jumpstart your creative journey by learning all the fundamentals. Let's get started!

Design with ease

Learn tricks and secrets nobody tells you about. Build confidence with beginner-friendly projects.
Whimsical quote art printable design

Fairytale Garden design pack

Everything you need is included in the class. Learn how to design quote printables with clipart, patterns, and textures.
Whimsical floral clipart pack included with the class

Become a designer

Learn how to create high-quality files you can sell in your shop. Customize clipart and create stunning color palettes for your projects.
Whimsical quote art printable with color palette

Do it right

Learn what you can and can't do selling or sharing your printables online. Learn how to research copyright, trademarks and commercial licenses.
Whimsical quote print with a flower and quote

Create printables with confidence

You will learn how to...

  • Use Canva

  • Create high-quality printable files

  • Use clipart, backgrounds, and patterns

  • Create color palettes for your designs

  • Follow laws and licenses

  • How to customize and edit clipart

Course curriculum

How it works

After enrollment you will get...

  • Immediate access to the classroom

  • Access 24/7 - work at your own pace

  • Lifetime access to the course and all updates and bonuses

  • Bonus – Private Facebook group for ongoing support

Bonus material

Top-secret tips and tricks

  • Facebook group

    Bonus Facebook Group for questions and additional support.

  • Free clipart pack

    Fairytale Garden designer pack with everything you need to get started. Commercial license included. The graphics are not sold anywhere else.

  • Design secrets

    Learn design secrets no one tells you about like Canva file hacks, helpful apps, and resources.

I know you’re going to love the Quote printables Class for beginners. My passion is to help you design printables with confidence. I started from zero, we all do. I want your journey to be easier and less bumpy than mine. That's why this class came to be. So try it for 30 days and if you aren’t satisfied, I will refund 100% of your money. Easy as that. You only have to send me an email to cancel the class.


Illustrator & Designer

Sandra Törnroth

I'm an illustrator creating whimsical graphics for creatives all over the world. I use watercolors, ink, and digital drawing techniques! My collections and illustrations have been seen on FOX, NBC, and ABC. I love sharing my knowledge so that you can dive into the magical world of digital art and design too.


  • Do I have to purchase any additional software/apps/programs/supplies for this class?

    No. Everything you need for the class projects is included in the class. You get a free clipart pack and we only use the free version on Canva.

  • Do I have lifetime access to the class and updates?

    Yes! You have lifetime access to the class and updates!

  • What do I need to take this class?

    You need a computer with an internet connection. You also need a mouse or a touchpad.

  • Will I get support if I'm stuck?

    Yes! You can post questions in the class community. You can also ask questions in the bonus Facebook group for students.

  • I already create printables, is this class for me?

    This class is for beginners and covers the basics of designing. If you already create printables with confidence, this class might not be the right for you.

  • Do the videos have closed captions (cc)?

    Yes! All the videos with me talking has closed captions.

“Canva” is a trademark of Canva Pty Ltd. This class is not associated with or endorsed by Canva Pty Ltd.